Artistic Conundrum (Full Picture)

Artistic Conundrum
36”h X 80”w
Oil on Canvas

This painting is the first in a new series of mine where I come to terms with the inevitability of modern art. As a marriage or relationship is consummated with the act of making love, I express it thus in this painting by using splashes of a couple known modern artists to consummate my adventure into the next realm of painting. That is, I received my roots from surrealism, but will not stay here entirely; instead, it is a stepping stone, as most great artists learned from their contemporaries and previous masters…so I learn from mine. As to what I will call my movement I know not; for now, it’s simply Painting Unrestrained—without constraints, without rules, without a manifesto… It’s painting completely free, not being concerned about what others will think, giving no thought to whether it will sell or not.

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Artistic Conundrum (detail)

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Artistic Conundrum (detail)

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Artistic Conundrum (detail)

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Artistic Conundrum (detail)
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