The artist BRIMS (Brian Sims)

The artist BRIMS and Roger the Skeleton

Brims and Roger the Skeleton wearing “The Bag”

The artist BRIMS

Mediterranean Influences 1

Mediterranean Influences

Dawinian Specter

Darwinian Specter

A Noble Squire's Fleeting Imagination

A Noble Squire’s Fleeting Imagination

Aboriginal Dexterity

Aboriginal Dexterity

Anxiously awaiting the delivery of the unknown

Anxiously Awaiting the Birth of the Unknown

Apprehensive Dichotomy

Apprehensive Dichotomy

Christ's Pineal Gland Releasing Melatonin

Christ’s Pineal Gland Releasing Melatonin

Climatic Reconditioning

Climatic Reconditioning

Daffodil of the Valley

Daffodil of the Valley

Maternal Earth (detail 1)

Maternal Earth


Environmental Plagiarism

Pictorial Dilemma_ My Son Hunter's Silhouette

Pictorial Dilemma - My Son Hunter’s Silhouette

Post-Modern Madonna and Pieta

Post-Modern Madonna and Pieta

Post-Modern Madonna and Pieta (detail 8)

Post-Modern Madonna and Pieta (detail)

Rahab's Apparition

Rahab’s Apparition

Seahorses becoming Mammals

Seahorses Becoming Mammals

Spatial Enlightenment_ My Daughter Seattle's Silhouette

Spatial Enlightenment - My Daughter Seattle’s Silhouette

The Birth of the Bag (detail 1)

The Birth of the Bag


Airborne Genitalia

paintings new 032

Artistic Conundrum - Consummating Modern Art


Psychological Emancipation


Voluptuous Curiosity


The Circle of Willis Appearing Above Camouflaged Breasts